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Mitigating Weather Erosion on Queensland Coastline and Islands

By Dominic Mappas, Central Queensland University, UNFCCC, 2020

Dominic Mappas is a CQ University student studying a Bachelor of Education. His Policy Paper discusses Mitigating Weather Erosion on Queensland Coastline and Islands.

Executive Summary

This paper provides an analysis and evaluation of the impacts of climate change on Queensland’s coastal dune areas. The Queensland coastline has experienced turmoil from the current climate crisis, which has exacerbated extreme weather events as evident by the recent erosion of coastal dune areas. This paper discusses adapting the Queensland coastal dune areas through revegetation to mitigate extreme weather events effects and prevent future destruction.

This paper also evaluates relevant limitations to mitigate efforts including continuation of extreme weather; stakeholders disagreeing on the extent to which climate change induces extreme weather events; and the ability to implement the recommendations before further erosion. Despite these limitations, this paper makes realistic proposals for protecting Queensland dunes. This is achieved by considering tourism, industries, and ecosystems that depend on dunes to protect their beaches; significant consequences will occur for Queensland and its environment without immediate action.

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