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A group of young people sitting at a table to discussing a group project

Join us in shaping tomorrow’s leaders

Global Voices stands as a unique force in cultivating the next generation of informed and globally-minded leaders; but we cannot do it alone.

- CEO of Global Voices, Elly Hanrahan





Why partner with GV?

By supporting Global Voices, you invest in a program that goes beyond education, offering life-changing opportunities that shape the future of Australian leadership. Our delegations are made up of carefully selected individuals based on their potential to drive positive change and make meaningful contributions to society. 


As the only organisation in Australia providing such a comprehensive Fellowship Program, your partnership uniquely enables us to continue to support emerging young leaders across the country with practical experience in policy-making and international relations. Your sponsorship nurtures their leadership skills and global perspective, preparing them to tackle the challenges of the future.

Become a GV Partner

We are looking for partner organisations that can help us expand our mission and facilitate more life-changing experiences for young Australians. 

The GV Advantage

Youth led

Global Voices is proudly youth-led, with our entire executive team being under 30. Our unique approach fosters a culture of peer mentorship, relevance, and inclusivity. We tailor our programs to the interests and needs of our participants, allowing the program to be as impactful as possible for them. Partnering with Global Voices means actively contributing to an ecosystem that nurtures, understands, and propels the next generation of leaders towards success.

We manage all the details

By funding a position, you let us do what we do best; facilitating, coordinating, and offering a comprehensive opportunity for young people to see themselves in the future of Australian decision-making. We coordinate the recruitment process, program logistics (including conference registration, flights, accommodation, and travel insurance), and the creation of engaging content and storytelling about the program.

More opportunities together:

Funding a scholarship means we can open these life-changing opportunities to more young Australians aged 18-30. Our attendance at international conferences is a strategic asset for our partners, offering multifaceted benefits. By sending our fellows to global gatherings, we provide them with exposure to diverse perspectives and cultures, fostering a nuanced understanding of international issues. The networking opportunities at these conferences are invaluable, allowing fellows to connect with professionals and experts from around the world. 

By funding a fellowship position, partners also gain visibility on an international stage, and on the Global Voices website, event materials, and social media platforms. 

Partner with us - options

How GV Partnership works

Global Voices Fellows on delegation with lanyards around their nexts
  1. Get in touch with us to express your interest: We can provide you with more information, and walk you through the partnerships process.

  2. Choose your sponsorship type: You can choose to sponsor a place on a specific Global Voices delegation, or become a general partner of the organisation. 2024 delegations include the World Health Summit, the International Monetary Fund / World Bank AGM, the Climate COP29, and the Biodiversity COP16.

  3. Finalise agreement: We will work with you to finalise our partnership agreement based on the needs of your orgsanisation.

  4. Promote your scholarship: Global Voices will promote the scholarship you have sponsored on our website, social media and LinkedIn. We would love it if you also shared the scholarship with your networks, and promote the fact that you are a Global Voices partner.

Become a GV Partner

We are looking for partner organisations that can help us expand our mission and facilitate more life-changing experiences for young Australians. 

Join us in shaping the future of leadership as we provide a platform for practical development and global impact.

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