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Emily Letch-Avenell - Seizing Opportunities for Growth

Written by Emily Letch-Avenell, 2023 COP Fellow

My journey with Global Voices to the National Conference in Canberra was nothing short of transformative. It's through these extraordinary opportunities that I've come to understand that they are just the beginning, paving the way for personal growth and greater societal change occurs.


Participating in the Global Voices National Conference in Canberra, as a part of the fellowship program, was nothing short of amazing. The experience left me inspired, motivated, and deeply connected with dedicated and passionate individuals who share an unwavering passion for driving positive change. It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


The conference didn't merely educate; it served as a gateway to invaluable connections with prominent figures and subject matter experts. Their insights into climate negotiations and international diplomacy left me with a newfound appreciation for the necessity of global collaboration.


The conference's influence extends beyond Canberra; it serves as an introduction to my involvement in COP 28 in Dubai later this year. My skill set has grown significantly because of this experience, and I now have the knowledge necessary to create policies that actually effect change. It has improved my knowledge of international relations and sharpened my networking skills. Through policy-making, diplomacy, mentorship, and like-minded relationships, I have acquired an abundance of tools to enable me to contribute significantly to COP 28.


Meeting the Governor General during the Global Voices National Conference was an incredibly empowering experience. His genuine interest and investment in the initiatives led by young people, including our efforts in driving positive change, left a lasting impact. His encouragement and keen engagement with our passions not only validated our work but inspired a renewed sense of commitment, reinforcing the importance of our endeavors and encouraging us to persist in our pursuits with even greater passion and dedication.

I am incredibly appreciative of Curtin University and Global Voices for this wonderful opportunity. I have a strong feeling of purpose as I prepare for my next adventure because I know I have the potential to have a significant influence in the fight against climate change. The global movement for change began with the National Conference in Canberra, and I am prepared and beyond excited to be speaking at one of the main platforms for change, COP 28. The lasting relationships I made at the Global Voices National Conference will surely be lifelong foundations, giving me the knowledge, abilities, and spirit of cooperation I need to face obstacles in the future and carry on bringing about

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